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We are admonished to deposit our trash next to the freight dock but only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and only between and a.


And to limit our speed to 3 mph and not dump our poop in the harbor. We are encouraged to help flip Abaco dinghies, watch boat races and enjoy Sunday softball in the park.

Little League Baseball Batter Up! My Son up to Bat!

Call in to say you are arriving; you are leaving; you have guests; your guests are leaving; you need parts for a water pump because your boat is temporarily headless without a toilet ; the internet is out; are there moorings available? Birthdays are special — celebrated with mike clicks. Nancy Schiffer and her husband Goldwin Smith live in Annapolis, Maryland, when not in Hopetown or visiting their new grandson in California.

She retired after 40 years as a labor lawyer in Detroit and Washington, D. Posted by Marcia Talley Permalink Comments 4. Several weeks ago, Valerie Healy, a visitor from England, read this piece to the group. It moved me so deeply that I asked her permission to share it with you.

Maurice had gone to buy a newspaper. I persuaded myself I needed a new mascara. Josh was with me and together we ambled around the tightly arranged display stands. I was continuously telling Josh what we're going to do, how long we'll be here The more information he has the less he'll panic or become anxious. If he knows what's ahead of him he'll be reassured and calm. I was vaguely aware of her. She was looking at the make up counter just a few yards from me. Why would she bother I thought, all covered up like that? I though no more of her as the assistant enquired did I want the dark brown, the glossy black, or the matt black mascara?

And did I know which mascara 'wand' I fancied? There was a new one with curved bristles which would give me instantly long lashes. Or the one covered in goo that would make my lashes look thick, luscious and impressive. He had noticed the strange figure at the next counter and sauntered over. At 6 foot 2, Josh towered over her 5 foot frame.

He stood staring at the back of her head for thirty seconds, about a foot away from her. She continued perusing the makeup colours, oblivious to him. I realised I was holding my breath. Then very, very, slowly he started to walk around her in a circle, never taking his eyes from her, saying nothing. So he slowly stepped forward, bent down and started to scan the mask. He was eyeball to eyeball with her. He finally said one word, "Why? I moved. Would he try to remove her headgear? My brain scrambled to remember if it was a crime in her culture to touch her. Did she even speak English? I walked over and began to offer my usual explanation. This is Josh and he would like to say hello to you!

What's your name? She took his hands in hers and I could hear the smile in her voice as she said, "I am from another country, Joshua, and I wear this. I must wear this. This is what we wear. I explained that Josh was curious. And she nodded gently.

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Even from my distance I could see her eyes were gorgeously made up with vibrant blues and dramatic sweeping eyeliner. We said our goodbyes.

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This boutique carries designer, fashion-forward apparel for women and men, from basics to cocktail wear and everything in between. To grow warm in debate. Get your fix of Mexican—with a Louisiana twist—at Mestizo. Happy Valentines Day, to you and yours. Tell us in the comments section below what your th thing to do is!

We walked away with Josh looking over his shoulder at her. She gave him a little wave. I thought how well she conducted herself. She didn't walk away, nor was she offended by his behavior. She took time to try and explain to him why she was dressed as she was. In she married Maurice, a dental surgeon, and moved to the U. He lives to feed them and spends ages watching them over the fence.

Bigfoot - The World Mystery

Josh is 26 with a learning disability, yet he desperately wants to be sociable and engage with people. He has limited communication skills so tends to repeat the same words and sentences. He travels with us to Maine every summer where we have a home. Posted by Marcia Talley Permalink Comments For many, Memorial Day marks the beginning of the boating season. As my husband and I made our way back up the Intracoastal Waterway last week -- dodging speeding motorboats, maniac jet ski drivers and, yes, even parasailors -- in the narrow channel, I was reminded of this blog post from several years ago.

You change the name, of course, while being careful to placate the mighty gods of the sea — Poseidon, Neptune, even The Little Mermaid -- by destroying all traces of the previous name, then sacrificing a bottle of fine bubbly over the bow. Purists would insist on sailing the vessel backwards over the equator, then tossing the old name plates overboard, but Barry and I settled for the bubbly, both to christen the bow and lubricate the crew. Naming a boat can be harder than naming a child. Humor is appreciated — especially by the Coast Guard — if done tastefully.

Do you really want to spell out Esprit de Famille every time you pick up the radio to request a bridge opening? Or Ptarmigan? And pity the marina and harbor masters, too, who respond to your calls to request docking. If you're not careful you could get caught up in a classic "Who's on First" routine:.

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There are boat name generators, too, and Hilarious Boat Names has its own Facebook page. They are less likely to change:. But to happen in her school?

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And not to just anyone, but Courtney? Her best friend. Who said nothing.

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Frustrated, hurt, and down-right pissed, Julie nearly tells Courtne Video games. An industry still largely dominated by men. An industry slow to accept women.