Desert Dust in the Global System

Monitoring the source of trans-national dust storms in north east Asia
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Also of potential importance to silt formation are various types of weathering, including frost action, salt attack, thermal fatigue weathering and chemical weathering see, for example, Goudie et al. The fundamental agricultural installations and grassland service facilities were ruined. Her main interests are land cover monitoring and modelling, analysis of remotely sensed data, and recently human environmental economic analysis. Yardangs formed in playa sediments are widespread in the Dakhla depression Brookes and in Farafra Hassan et al. The peak season for dust storms is the spring, when wind speeds are high, vegetative cover is sparse and precipitation amounts are lower than in the summer Fig. The Field Description of Igneous Rocks.

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Desert Dust in the Global System. Free delivery worldwide. Description Dust storms are a vital component of the environment. This book explores and summarises recent research on where dust storms originate, why dust storms are generated, where dust is transported and deposited, the nature of dust deposits and the changing frequency of dust storms over a range of time-scales. It is the first global study of causes and effects of dust storms, which are one of the increasing nature catastrophes. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x Illustrations note 41 Tables, black and white; X, p.

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The Cloud Book Richard Hamblyn. The Madhouse Effect Michael E. Minding the Weather Robert R. Reading the Clouds Oliver Perkins. Cosmos Carl Sagan. Climate Change Joseph Romm. Climate Wars Gwynne Dyer. Speleothem Science Ian J. Climate Change Shelley Tanaka. Journal of the atmospheric sciences , 62 4 : — Although big dust events occur every spring, there is limited research work carried out on dust storm sources in southern Mongolia and northern China.

It has been observed that every year from March to April yellow sand originates from Mongolia and China flies to the North Pacific archipelago and the west coast of America. A dust and sand storm study of such a phenomenon has useful applications in the meteorological field.

Saharan Dust Feeds Amazon Rainforest

The distribution of the number of dust storm days occurs mainly in south Gobi region which borders China. The number of annual days with dust storms is less than 5 days over the central and northern Khangai, Khuvusgul and Khentei mountainous areas of Mongolia, 10—17 days over the western area of Great Lakes, and 20—37 days over the desert and the semi-desert areas in Mongolia Figure 1.

Figure 1. Dust storm occurrence by number of days in Mongolia. The highest frequency of dust storms is over three areas in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. It should be noted that the distribution of dust storms has coincided well with the distribution of strong wind Natsagdorj, Natsagdorj , L , Atmospheric circulation and dangerous weather phenomenon over the territory of Mongolia. Dust storms take on particular importance on the Mongolian plateau because of their significance for the formation of loess in China Derbyshire et al. Provenance, transport, and characteristics of modern aeolian dust in western Gansu Province, China, and interpretation of the Washington Quaternary loess record.

Journal of arid environments , — They also appear to have been a major source of the dust in Late Pleistocene ice layers in Greenland Svensson et al. Characterization of late glacial continental dust in the Greenland Ice Core Project ice core. Journal of geophysical research , D4 : — Moreover, according to Kes and Fedorovich , the Tarim Basin has more dust storms than any other location on Earth, with — per year. Dust storms in space and time. Progress in physical geography , 7: — These storms can cover immense areas and transport particles to Japan and beyond Ing Ing, G.

A dust storm over central China, April Weather , — Seasonal variation of oriental sunspot sightings. Their frequency in Mongolia is most notable in the southern region of the Gobi, where Zamiin Uud has over 34 dust storms per year Middleton Middleton, N. Studies of dust loadings Chen et al. Dust fall in the Takla Makan desert of China. Physical Geography , — Concentration, size-distribution, and deposition of mineral aerosol over Chinese desert regions. Tellus , 50B: — In all, it has been estimated that about Teragrams of Chinese dust is injected into the atmosphere annually which may be as much as half of the global production of dust Zhang et al.

Y , Arimoto, R. Dust emission from Chinese desert sources linked to variations in atmospheric circulation. Journal of geophysical research , 28 : 41 — Brown colour represents sand and dust storm. The figure shows dust and sand storms in the northeast Asia, which are in brown, moving to the North Pacific archipelago. It moves from southeast Mongolia to China's northeast and after 2 days it reaches Korea, Japan and the Japanese sea.

Figure 2. Brightness temperature difference index BTDI of two bands can distinguish dust storms and the density of dust and sand.


BTDI is related to the particle size of sand and dust. In this research dust and sand storm images were determined by the following equations. Figure 3. Figure 4.