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Murdering with Guile
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The practice of guile prevents the Holy Ghost from prompting, guiding, and instructing us, leaving us ever more susceptible to the buffetings of Satan. If we practice guile in small matters, we soon can find ourselves entangled in an ever-increasing, unending spiral, because each lie or other deception often requires a larger one to cover the first.

Moreover, the practice of guile often leads to hypocrisy, which is the false pretense of virtue or righteousness and pretending to be something that we are not. If we know what is right and profess to live by that knowledge but, in fact, do not, we are hypocrites. The Savior denounced hypocrites in unmistakable language. He declared:. What are the Latter-day Saints to do?

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The answer is plain. The Saints are to be absolutely without guile in every aspect of their lives: in their homes and families, Church callings, all business dealings, and, especially, the private and personal parts of their lives into which only they and the Lord see. I suggest that we look into our hearts and see whether our motives and actions are pure and above reproach and to see whether we are free of deceit and fraud.

Perhaps we can ask ourselves a few questions. Are we totally free of guile in our conversations and associations with our spouses and children so they always know what to expect and always have unquestioning trust and confidence in us? Are we forthright in our interviews with our bishops and other priesthood leaders?

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Are we true to ourselves, our classmates, and our teachers in our schoolwork, even if a little cheating might improve our grades? Do we do more work than our employers expect or require, and are we always alert for ways to do our work better? Are we scrupulous in all business transactions to the extent that our associates always know they are being treated fairly and would feel secure if they had no contract?

Are we satisfied with our personal standards of integrity, morality, and honesty?

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Can we say of ourselves, as Jesus said of Nathanael, that we are without guile? Some may think the idea of a society without guile is preposterous in this day. If so, it is because of the power Satan has over the hearts of men.

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Being honest and fair helps rather than hinders success and prosperity. One man of my acquaintance was in a very competitive business for thirty-six years. He always gave full value in service, quality, and quantity. He paid every debt in full.

He never sued anyone and never was sued during those years. During a recent visit to the land of Chile, we visited people who were without guile almost to the point of possessing the naive innocence of little children.

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We were humbled and refreshed to be among them. They strengthened our faith in mankind and our hope for the future. The Saints can provide a leavening influence and can demonstrate the value of guileless living. As we develop this divine attribute, we can become a shining light to the world. Certainly, we can teach the principles of the gospel and bless the families of the earth by following the perfect example of the Savior as one who is without guile. Visualize in your mind a society in which all are pure in heart and completely free of deceit and dishonesty.

Can you imagine a total absence of contention and disputes, with no one ever attempting to deceive another? How would life be if we always were certain, without question, that what others represent to us is true? Theft would be unknown.

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We would have little use for jails or prisons, and litigation would be rare. The greatest blessing that would come to a society without guile is the individual, personal inner peace that comes to those who know they are doing right and know their lives are acceptable to the Lord. A society without guile is possible. I cite two examples from the scriptures.

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Bison who, to be fair, is literally pure evil , but his organization has done a lot of shady stuff that makes him less than a saint. I agree and favor two explanations as to why books conflict with Blood Mirror. Using the assumption the prisoners are Jinn, they are either following people around who let them enjoy what they can't, and manipulate them to do so. He leaned against the blue luxin between them, but naturally, confident. Community Showcase More. More than the cruelty of imprisoning me rather than just killing me.

The first is the City of Holiness, even Zion, a city in which the inhabitants were pure in heart and dwelt in righteousness. In fact, Zion is the name given by the Lord to his Saints. That city, referred to as the city of Enoch, was taken up into heaven see Moses — The second example is the society of the Nephites that lasted for about two hundred years after the resurrected Lord visited and taught them. The following words of inspiration from the Book of Mormon describe this society:.

These are examples of the goal of perfection that we should strive for, even though we know that we must perfect our lives grace upon grace and line upon line see John , 2 Ne. I look to President Ezra Taft Benson as one whose life of service exemplifies the virtue of being without guile.

In closing, I add my testimony at this Easter season to the testimonies of my brethren that the Atonement and Resurrection are real. I am grateful for the blessing they provide of immortality for all and for the possibility of eternal life it offers those who are faithful. I testify to you that our Heavenly Father lives and that he is the father of our spirits. Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.

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He stands at the head of this Church. Joseph Smith was the prophet of God through whom the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored in these, the latter days. To ask other readers questions about Murder by Guile , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

The True Story a Family Murderer

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