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You can render real 3D-materials using the displacementshader or switch to our highly accurate normalmap to get the same quality of shading with less effort non tesselated. A simple plane can be enough to render highly interesting surfaces, rich in detail and variance. Enormous flexibility. In love with details. The right equipment for all terrain. Tons of scans for all kind of projects. Andrey Lebrov. The key to realistic scenes.

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Featured on my blog by rexjwb. Starting from a big distance, down to super-closeup perspectives. We walked with, then against, the gale, exposed skin stinging until it felt like our faces were ringing bells. Brother and Sister Root fully sympathized with me in my trials and labors, and watched with the tenderest care to supply all our wants. The best chessplayer in the world in was M. Grieved in spirit beyond measure, I remained at home, dreading to go anywhere among the church for fear of being wounded.

David Ariew. RD-Textures are the most realistic looking displacement textures out there.

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The Best of Never Again, Vol. 1 - Kindle edition by Members of AOPA, Thomas B. Haines. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. As an AOPA member and a private pilot I find these types of stories both interesting and useful as I'd rather learn from the mistakes of other rather than make.

This site is a game-changer! Dax Pandhi. They have this meticulousness that you rarely get to see. RD-Textures can give Megascans a run for their money. Patrick Vogel.

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Examples from the community We are always keen on seeing our textures live in visuals, games and animations. These examples show a bunch of projects made by the community.

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Send us your examples! See in Action. Verity's Brow pairs well with Riskrunner. Shinobus Vow is how I got to for the first time ever. I thought about making a video about it, but yours is much better than mine ever would have been. Khepri's Horn! Nothing is more forgotten than Khepri's Horn! Swap hand cannons every shot. How about last word combined with lion rampants for hip fire lift?

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You can make a pretty similar build for warlocks using top tree stormcaller. Idk if there are any exotic armors that will really work with it but it's been pretty good for dealing with groups of enemies. I assume you've heard of all the debuffs on Titan's magnetic grenade. Also Shards of Galanor is broken in mayhem, but then again so is everything else.

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Use Breach Refractor and a weapon with anti barrier rounds in the slot that doesn't have your demolitionist weapon. I personally found that a well rolled anti barrier Pluperfect alongside a demolitionist orewing's worked incredibly well.

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This is the easiest and most consistent way to reduce skip cooldowns in my experience. There's also the option of converting melee damage into grenade energy through Impact Induction for extra grenade regen on top of everything else, but imo it got tedious to think about after about an hour.

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I still get the nades up really quick, even without demolitionist. Chilling with Calus. So far only the Arabic Tablet has been rendered into English and is published. The theme of this Tablet is the story of the Covenant and man's unfaithfulness to it. Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By , p. Let them who perceive, take warning!

For He knew too well that there were a few among His followers who would violate the Covenant and rise up against Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Cause of God. The Tablet of the Holy Mariner is revealed in symbolic language. The following is a translation of the Tablet of the Holy Mariner from the original Arabic. O Holy Mariner! Unmoor it, then, that it may sail upon the ocean of glory, Haply the dwellers therein may attain the retreats of nearness in the everlasting realm. Having reached the sacred strand, the shore of the crimson seas, Bid them issue forth and attain this ethereal invisible station, A station wherein the Lord hath in the Flame of His Beauty appeared within the deathless tree; Wherein the embodiments of His Cause cleansed themselves of self and passion; Around which the Glory of Moses doth circle with the everlasting hosts; Wherein the Hand of God was drawn forth from His bosom of Grandeur; Wherein the ark of the Cause remaineth motionless even though to its dwellers be declared all divine attributes.

O Mariner! Teach them that are within the ark that which we have taught thee behind the mystic veil, Perchance they may not tarry in the sacred snow-white spot, But may soar upon the wings of the spirit unto that station which the Lord hath exalted above all mention in the worlds below,. May wing through space even as the favoured birds in the realm of eternal reunion; May know the mysteries hidden in the Seas of light. They passed the grades of worldly limitations and reached that of the divine unity, the centre of heavenly guidance.

They have desired to ascend unto that state which the Lord hath ordained to be above their stations. Whereupon the burning meteor cast them out from them that abide in the Kingdom of His Presence, And they heard the Voice of Grandeur raised from behind the unseen pavilion upon the Height of Glory: 'O guardian angels! Return them to their abode in the world below, 'Inasmuch as they have purposed to rise to that sphere which the wings of the celestial dove have never attained; 'Whereupon the ship of fancy standeth still which the minds of them that comprehend cannot grasp.

Flooding with the light of her countenance the heaven and the earth, And as the radiance of her beauty shone upon the people of dust, All beings were shaken in their mortal graves.

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She then raised the call which no ear through all eternity hath ever heard, And thus proclaimed: 'By the Lord! He whose heart hath not the fragrance of the love of the exalted and glorious Arabian Youth, 'Can in no wise ascend unto the glory of the highest heaven. She bestirred herself and perfumed all things in the lands of holiness and grandeur. When she reached that place she rose to her full height in the midmost heart of creation, And sought to inhale their fragrance at a time that knoweth neither beginning nor end.

She found not in them that which she did desire, and this, verily, is but one of His wondrous tales. She then cried aloud, wailed and repaired to her own station within her most lofty mansion, And then gave utterance to one mystic word, whispered privily by her honeyed tongue, And raised the call amidst the Celestial Concourse and the immortal maids of heaven: 'By the Lord!

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I found not from these idle claimants the breeze of Faithfulness! The Youth hath remained lone and forlorn in the land of exile in the hands of the ungodly. It seemeth she was called and hearkened unto Him that summoned her unto the Realm on High. Glorified be He that created her out of the essence of love in the midmost heart of His exalted paradise! Thereupon the maids of heaven hastened forth from their chambers, upon whose countenances the eye of no dweller in the highest paradise had ever gazed. Glorified be our Lord, the Most High!

They all gathered around her, and lo!

here And as they beheld her state and comprehended a word of the tale told by the Youth, they bared their heads, rent their garments asunder, beat upon their faces, forgot their joy, shed tears and smote with their hands upon their cheeks, and this is verily one of the mysterious grievous afflictions-- Glorified be our Lord, the Most High! Those who enter it are safe and secure; they sail towards the shores of salvation and acquire divine light.

He testifies that He Who conversed with Moses on Sinai is now, in this Day, manifested to men, that the believers--'them that are within the ark' and the 'angelic spirits'--can, if they but purify their hearts, 'attain the retreats of nearness in the everlasting realm'. Throughout His Writings there are many references to the greatness of His Revelation.