The Guide To Strategic Planning and Execution Using The Prometheus Process

Monitoring Prow Resources With Prometheus and Grafana
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You can define these descriptors in a file called kie-deployment-descriptor. You can change this default location and the file name by specifying it as a system parameter:. The granular configuration items specified by the deployment descriptors take precedence over the server level ones, except in case of configuration items that are collection based, which are merged. If nothing is specified for the persistence mode in the deployment descriptor for that KJAR or if there is no deployment descriptor , it will fall back to the server level configuration, which in this case is NONE or to JPA if there is no server level deployment descriptor.

High level technical configuration details can be configured via deployment descriptors. The following table lists these along with the permissible and default values for each. This combination can result in Hibernate problems under load. Every time a project is created, a stock kie-deployment-descriptor. It is not necessary to provide a full deployment descriptor for all KJARs. Providing partial deployment descriptors is possible and recommended.

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For example, if you need to use a different audit mode, you can specify that for the KJAR only, all other properties will have the default value defined at the server level. The required-roles configuration item can be edited in the deployment descriptors. This property restricts access to the runtime engine on a per-KJAR or per-server level by ensuring that access to certain processes is only granted to users that belong to groups defined by this property. The security role can be used to restrict access to process definitions or restrict access at run time. The default behavior is to add required roles to this property based on repository restrictions.

You can edit these properties manually if required by providing roles that match actual roles defined in the security realm.

Prometheus metrics: dot-metrics vs tagged metrics

A perspective is usually named as page , since it is a term far more familiar to end users whereas a perspective is more developer oriented. Here are your four choices available on the OpenMetrics specification:. Your design team put in tremendous effort to ensure things were properly aligned and positioned. Red Hat Process Automation Manager components. It is possible they will request you make changes to your app to better comply with their regulations.

The following pages in Business Central allow you to view the runtime data of the Process Server:. These pages use the credentials of the currently logged in user to load data from the Process Server. Therefore, to be able to view the runtime data in Business Central, ensure that the following conditions are met:. The deployment. When an execution error occurs for a business process, the process stops and reverts to the most recent stable state the closest safe point and continues its execution. If an error of any kind is not handled by the process the entire transaction rolls back, leaving the process instance in the previous wait state.

The Basics

Any trace of this is only visible in the logs, and usually displayed to the caller who sent the request to the process engine. Users with process administrator process-admin or administrator admin roles are able to access error messages in Business Central.

Execution error messaging provides the following primary benefits:. Configurable error handling is responsible for receiving any technical errors thrown throughout the process engine execution including task service. The following technical exceptions apply:.

There are several components that make up the error handling mechanism and allow a pluggable approach to extend its capabilities. The process engine entry point for error handling is the ExecutionErrorManager. This is integrated with RuntimeManager , which is then responsible for providing it to the underlying KieSession and TaskService.

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By definition, every process error that is detected and stored is unacknowledged and must be handled by someone or something in case of automatic error recovery. Errors are filtered on the basis of whether or not they have been acknowledged. Acknowledging an error saves the user information and time stamp for traceability. You can access the Error Management view at any time.

Prometheus Process

Click the Acknowledge button to acknowledge and clear the error. You can view the error later by selecting Yes on the Acknowledged filter in the Manage Execution Errors page.

John Warden About Strategy

If the error was related to a task, a Go to Task button is displayed. Click the Go to Task button, if applicable, to view the associated job information in the Manage Tasks page.

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In the Manage Tasks page, you can restart, reschedule, or retry the corresponding task. The ExecutionErrorHandler is the primary mechanism for all process error handling.

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It is bound to the life cycle of RuntimeEngine; meaning it is created when a new runtime engine is created, and is destroyed when RuntimeEngine is disposed. A single instance of the ExecutionErrorHandler is used within a given execution context or transaction. ExecutionErrorHandler is informed about:. This information is mainly used for errors that are of unknown type; that is, errors that do not provide information about the process context.

Prometheus Metrics - implementing your app with custom metrics

For example, upon commit time, database exceptions do not carry any process information. ExecutionErrorStorage is a pluggable strategy that permits various ways of persisting information about execution errors. Storage is used directly by the handler that gets an instance of the store when it is created when RuntimeEngine is created.

Default storage implementation is based on the database table, which stores every error and includes all of the available information. Some errors may not contain details, as this depends on the type of error and whether or not it is possible to extract specific information. Error handling attempts to catch and handle any kind of error, therefore it needs a way to categorize errors. By doing this, it is able to properly extract information from the error and make it pluggable, as some users may require specific types of errors to be thrown and handled in different ways than what is provided by default. Error categorization and filtering is based on ExecutionErrorFilters. This interface is solely responsible for building instances of ExecutionError , which are later stored by way of the ExecutionErrorStorage strategy.

It has following methods:. Priority enables more specialized filters to see if the error can be accepted, or otherwise allow another filter to handle it.

John A. Warden III

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. About Mike Cline. Mike Cline is the VP of Operations for The Guide To Strategic Planning and Execution Using The Prometheus Process - Kindle edition by Mike Cline, John A. Warden III. Download it. The Guide to Strategic Planning and Execution book. steps necessary to develop and execute a Prometheus Process Grand Strategy. Lists with This Book.

ExecutionErrorFilter can be provided using the ServiceLoader mechanism, which enables the capability of error handling to be easily extended. Filters are given a higher execution order based on the lowest value of the priority. In above table, filters are invoked in following order:.

Managing and monitoring Process Server

When executions errors occur they are unacknowledged by default, and require a manual acknowledgment to be performed otherwise they are always seen as information that requires attention. In case of larger volumes, manual actions can be time consuming and not suitable in some situations. Auto acknowledgment resolves this issue. It is based on scheduled jobs by way of the jbpm-executor , with the following three types of jobs available:. Jobs can be registered on the Process Server. In Business Central you can configure auto acknowledge jobs for errors:.

Select a Due On time for the job to be completed:. To run the job at a specific time, select Run later. A date and time field appears next to the Run later option. Click the field to open the calendar and schedule a specific time and date for the job. The following steps are optional, and allow you to configure auto acknowledge jobs to run either once SingleRun , on specific time intervals NextRun , or using the custom name of an entity manager factory to search for jobs to acknowledge EmfName.

EmfName : custom entity manager factory name. The ExecutionErrorInfo error list table can be cleaned up to remove redundant information. Depending on the life cycle of the process, errors may remain in the list for some time, and there is no direct API with which to clean up the list. Instead, the ExecutionErrorCleanupCommand command can be scheduled to periodically clean up errors. The following parameters can be set for the clean up command. The command is restricted to deleting execution errors of already completed or aborted process instances:. Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring toolkit that you can use with Red Hat Process Automation Manager to collect and store metrics related to the execution of business rules, processes, Decision Model and Notation DMN models, and other Red Hat Process Automation Manager assets.

You can configure your Process Server instances to use Prometheus to collect and store metrics related to your business asset activity in Red Hat Process Automation Manager. Spring Boot application.